GET FIT TN: It's time to GET FIT Tennessee!

GetFitTN Tools


The Health and Fitness Tracker on features free health, nutrition and fitness tools to help manage and motivate your Wellness at Work program. Encourage your employees and co-workers to sign up for a free account today!

With your free account, you can enjoy these great features:

  • Fitness and weight loss competitions
  • Personal health and fitness goals
  • Food journal
  • Helpful health calculators


The Team Challenge feature allows you to create a team and a personalized fitness or health challenge of your own design with others in your office.

The Challenge My Friends feature allows you to challenge others in your office to fun health and fitness competitions.

The Team Competition feature allows you to form a team within your office and challenge other departments, floors, etc. to competitions created by Get Fit Tennessee.

Each employee can enter their fitness activities and health information using the Check-In features, and track their progress as they go. Employees can set personal health and fitness goals and print out detailed charts of their progress. The Food Journal and Calorie Calculator eliminate the guesswork and help employees stay on track for a healthier lifestyle.