GET FIT TN: It's time to GET FIT Tennessee!

Physical Fitness - Start Where You Are

We know that everyone will not run a marathon or join a sports team. You don’t have to be an athlete or have ever exercised regularly in the past to start moving more today! Everyone can do something -- this is about starting where you are. If you’re not moving today, try just a lap around the yard or your neighborhood. When you are strong enough, gradually add distance and pick up your pace. Soon you’ll see a spring in your step and a whole new healthy you taking shape!

Got the Green Light?

Green LightIf you are not regularly exercising now, let’s get started! Your first step before you put your feet to the pavement should be to your health care provider’s office. To be safe, you need to get the green light from a health professional before beginning any new kind of physical activity.

Work Up a Sweat to Get Fit

Woman runningExperts recommend 30 minutes of physical activity every day for adults and 60 minutes for children. Getting fit for life means making a commitment to reach for this goal, and making exercise a part of your daily routine. Pick any activity you enjoy and work up a sweat doing that activity for 30 or 60 minutes a day. Being in good shape can give you more energy, help reduce risk of heart attack, stroke and some cancers. It can help reduce anxiety and depression and help you manage stress, and even helps build stronger bones. So work it out and work hard to get fit.

Everyday Activities to Get Fit

On top of your set workout time and plan for each day, did you know that regular activities you probably do every day can help you get fit, too?

Raking Leaves

Raking leaves for 50 minutes burns 210 calories (for average 130-lb. person).

HousecleaningHousecleaning for 1 1/2 hours burns 525 calories (for average 130-lb. person).

GardeningGardening for 35 minutes burns 165 calories (for average 160-lb. person).

Walking the dogWalking a dog for nearly 1 ½ hours burns 400 calories (for average 160-lb. person).

Washing the carWashing a car for about an hour burns 220 calories(for average 130-lb. person).