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It's important to get at least 60 minutes of movement each day*, but if you're thinking about boring, hour-long exercise routines, it's time to change your thinking! There are lots of ways to include more movement in your day.

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Regular exercise is a great way to stay healthy, but here are some other natural ways to include more movement in your day and keep it up week after week!

At Home

  • Take your furry friend for a walk
  • Take 10-minute activity breaks when doing homework or using a computer. You'll feel re-energized and be able to concentrate better
  • Take a walk if you are feeling stressed or upset
  • Volunteer to do chores that involve walking – mow the grass, vacuum the carpet, or take out the garbage (make three trips instead of one)
  • Push a younger brother or sister in a stroller or walk as he or she rides a bicycle or three-wheeler
  • Instead of texting or calling a family member who may be in the same house, walk to them for conversation

While Shopping & Hanging out with friends

  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator
  • Ask drivers to park further from the door when shopping or going out
  • Walk to your friends or neighbors to talk instead of calling
  • Dance – alone or with a partner or group
  • Try something new – jazzercise, step aerobics, yoga

At School

  • Walk to school, or if you ride in a bus or car get out a few blocks early and walk the remainder of the way
  • Take a walk during lunch or walk home for lunch
  • Play a sport or participate in an activity at school that involves running, walking, stepping or jumping
  • If you enjoy spectator sports, walk along the sidelines while watching the game rather than sitting in the bleachers.
  • Participate and try your best in physical education (gym) class

While using the TV, computer or phone

  • Stand when watching TV, playing video games or using the computer
  • Do crunches, push-ups or walk around during commercial breaks
  • Put down the remote and get up to change the channel on TV
  • Walk while talking on the telephone or listening to music

* SAFETY TIP: Before starting a new activity or increasing the amount of activity you do, talk to your healthcare provider. He or she can help make sure you are ready for more activity.

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