Busting Food Myths

When it comes to eating healthy, you may hear opinions and “facts” from your parents or teachers. But the truth is that food and nutrition information is constantly changing. Think you are an expert already? See if you know the truth behind some of these common myths:

Myth: If I’m not overweight, I don’t have to worry about what I eat.

Fact: Even if you have never had problems with your weight, it is really important for you to choose healthy foods each day. Your body needs the very best foods for you to stay healthy and active! Also, if you develop poor eating habits now, they could cause many health problems later in your life.

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Myth: Sugar gives you lots of energy. If I need a sudden boost of energy before a sports game, I should just eat a candy bar.

Fact: Candy, chocolate and cookies contain “simple” sugars and will cause a short spike in your blood sugar levels and might make you feel like you have more energy for a few minutes. But after that boost of energy fades away, your blood sugar levels will drop quickly, and you will suddenly feel more tired than when you started. A piece of fruit like a banana or apple is a better choice.


Myth: A cheeseburger from a fast-food restaurant is a healthy meal, because it has meat, cheese, vegetables and bread.

Fact: Most things served at fast-food restaurants, including cheeseburgers, usually have very high levels of fats, calories and sodium. These foods are alright every now and then, but you should try not to eat them more than a couple of times each week.


Myth: Carbs make you fat.

Fact: “Low-carb” diets are a huge trend right now so you may have heard your friends say they are dieting without carbs. These diets give people the idea that carbs are completely bad, but carbs are just like sugar and fat…they will make you gain weight if you eat too much of them. The trick is to eat carbs in average, balanced amounts. After all, they are one of the best sources of energy your body can find!


Myth: As long as I take a vitamin each day, I can eat whatever I want.

Fact: Although vitamin pills are commonly suggested by nutritionists, these pills can’t give your body everything it needs! By eating healthy foods, you give your body fiber, protein, energy and tons of other important things a vitamin pill just can’t provide. Don’t forget to eat healthy, balanced meals each day even if you take a daily vitamin!

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