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Already a Member? LOG INNew to the site? Get started here! JOIN GET FIT! is a great place to find information about Tennessee’s rising epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and risk factors that lead to diabetes, like obesity. It's aimed at educating both adults and children that Type 2 diabetes can be delayed or even prevented with modest lifestyle changes like increasing physical activity and a healthier diet.

This site includes easy-to-use tools designed to keep track of your health and fitness progress. Physical activity consistent with your doctor's recommendations is a critically important component of getting and staying fit. With the Fitness Tracker, you can track a wide variety of fitness activities, challenge and motivate family, friends and co-workers, and monitor your progress. The Health and Fitness Calculators help you calculate your BMI, calories burned, how long it will take to reach your goal weight and much more! The tools are easy to use, available anytime and best of all, free!

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Physical Fitness – Start Where You Are

We know that everyone will not run a marathon or join a sports team. You don’t have to be an athlete or have ever exercised regularly in the past to start moving more today! Everyone can do something -- this is about starting where you are. If you’re not moving today, try just a lap around the yard or your neighborhood. When you are strong enough, gradually add distance and pick up your pace. Soon you’ll see a spring in your step and a whole new healthy you taking shape! Click here to learn more about physical fitness.

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Diabetes 101: The Basics

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are more than 20 million children and adults living with diabetes in the United States, and an additional 50 million with pre-diabetes. Out of those numbers, around six million don’t even know they have diabetes. In Tennessee, officials report about 530,000 children and adults are living with diabetes, and an additional 50,000 Tennesseans are living with pre-diabetes. Click here to learn more about Diabetes and how you can manage or prevent it.